Errol Spence Jr threatens ‘to break the will’ of Terence Crawford | Eminem to ringwalk?


Ahead of the Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford undisputed championship showdown in Las Vegas, Mike Tyson tosses coin to decide who will ringwalk first, Eminem could offer his services for Crawford’s entrance while Spence declares: “This fight is going to be legendary”

Errol Spence Jr threatens 'to break the will' of Terence Crawford | Eminem to ringwalk?

The undisputed welterweight clash between Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford has been years in the making.

Both are ultra-talented, neither has come close to losing a fight and between them, they hold every major title at 147lbs.

There’s so little to separate them Mike Tyson was called in to toss a coin to decide which of them will make their ring entrance first.

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Errol Spence Jr threatens 'to break the will' of Terence Crawford | Eminem to ringwalk?

Crawford won the toss, so he will get to decide on Saturday whether he ringwalks second, a privilege normally afforded to the champion in a fight.

That ring entrance in Las Vegas could be special. This week has also seen Eminem reach out to Crawford on social media.

Beneath a video on his Instagram, in which Crawford discusses who he’d like to walk him to the ring with Shakur Stevenson, Eminem commented: “This is crazy. You are one of my favourite boxers.”

With only the weigh-in left to go, the fight itself will be preoccupying the minds of both fighters. This will be the hardest as well as the most significant contest of either’s career.

“He’s going to find out that my skills are superior,” Spence said at the final press conference. “He’s going to see that I have great offence, defence and stamina. It’s more than just talent.

“I’m going to win because I’m the better fighter. I’m better physically and mentally. I’m more durable. I’m going break him down and break his will.”

Crawford certainly disagreed with that claim.

Errol Spence Jr threatens 'to break the will' of Terence Crawford | Eminem to ringwalk?

“Everything about me is better than Errol. When you look at what I do in the ring, it’s better than what he does. Come fight night, I’m going to prove every doubter wrong. I’m going to show that I’m the best fighter in the world,” Crawford said.

“This is the Terence Crawford era. When you look at my body of work in each weight class, you can’t deny that. This is my era. I’ve never had a close fight. I’ve never had a fight where people thought I lost. I’ve looked spectacular every time.”

It’s a contest of the highest quality in which both men expect to deliver.

“People are going to talk about this fight 30 or 40 years from now when you talk about legendary fights. They’re going to talk about this fight the same way they talked about the ‘Four Kings’ era,” Spence Jr said.

“This is going to be legendary.”


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